The work Scenario revolves around aspects of destruction. A state of architecture, which is often overlooked as such. Yet, it reveals many of the under currents and fears buried deep within society.

The constant feeling of imminent destruction is common in the Israeli psychic landscape. In the likely scenarios of destruction, earthquakes are not on the top list. But it prepares for them, replacing the signifier of war with that of a natural disaster. In three chapters, displayed simultaneously in three separate screens, the work follows the choreography of such a “disaster zone” in a real civilian location.

Scenario was Commissioned by the Israeli Pavilion at the Venice Architecture Biennial. 2012

Editing: Nira Pereg  |  Filming: Nadav Harel, Nira pereg  |  Sound design : Nati Zeidenstadt  |  Post: Tal Korjak

SCENARIO was shot during the first three days of a joint drill by the Israeli and the USA Home Front Command.


2012  |  Jerusalem, Israel  |  Three Channel Video with Sound  |  Duration: 5 min 12 sec.loop  | Edition of 7+2AP