NO WIND | 2011

2011  |  San Diego, CA, USA  |  Two Channel Video with Sound  |  Duration: 5 min 25 sec.loop  |  Edition of 5+2AP



NO WIND presents a unique phenomenon of human billboards as it appeared in the streets of San Diego, California, spring 2011.
The work re-examining a format borrowed from the language of protest to that of advertisement.


While one channel shows the documented phenomenon, the other shows an 83 years old Cambodian sign holder in a spontaneous monolog,
thus constructing a choreography that bears both poetic and political meaning.


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NO WIND was supported by the Schusterman Visiting Artist Program and ArtPower! University of California, San Diego, during a visiting scholar semester at UCSD, spring 2011. Special thanks to Joe Ambert and Matt Doolan from AArrow Advertising for their warm help, cooperation, patience, and wonderful spinners team.
Filming & Editing : Nira Pereg / Music by : RY COODER | Sound design : Nati Zeidenstadt
Thanks to : Rebecca webb, Martin Wollesen and Cameron Wilson from ArtPower UCSD, from AARROW Advertising & SunFlower. Special warm thanks to Paul Young and the wonderful  RY COODER.