2004/5 | Tel Aviv Jaffa, Israel | Two Channel Video with Sound | Duration: 7 min 20 sec. loop | Edition of 7+2AP



Nira Pereg, along with Jean Michel Bolima Amesi, a political refugee from Congo residing in Israel, takes a virtual tour of Kinshasa, Congo while wandering in different areas of Tel Aviv. The work consists of two parts: one includes excerpts shot during the tours of the virtual Kinshasa in Tel Aviv; the other comprises excerpts from studio meetings where Bolima Amesi told Pereg about the moment in which he discovered that the men he was told was his father, was not his father. The story is told while shifting between the languages Bolima Amesi speaks-English, Lingala, French and Hebrew- thus leaving anyone who does not understand any of the language spoken at a given moment with “gaps in the story-line”.
Download text by Dror K Levi (HEB) written for the Block Magazine, April 2007.

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Filming & Editing : Nira Pereg | Text By Eyal Danon.