2003 | Paris, France | Three Channel Video with Sound | Duration: 29 min 7 sec. loop | Edition of 7+2AP



Installation documentation at Braverman Gallery Tel Aviv . 2004
Three channel video work, projected on three sequential sandblasted glass plates joined seamlessly.
Canicule: [kanikyl] nom féminin : scorching heat, heat wave, midsummer heat; dog days plural.

“…The Canicule in France was one of these extraordinary weather events. Charged with significance beyond the facts of a summer heat wave,
the memory of the phenomenon became emblematic of a period of catastrophic history, reflecting the anxieties of western cultures teetering on the brink of a new, uncertain world order The images in Nira Pereg’s Canicule (2004) amplify this confusion. Scenes of celebration seem to sit side by side with moments of profound gloom. There is an elegiac quality in the rhythm of her editing – the slowed figures, repeated scenes, long fades and stretched, bellowing voices all memorialise the action. Though looped, there is a definitive moment when all three projections show only the red background and digital rain. This marks a beginning or end and subsequent fades carry the suggestion of chapters opening and closing within a remembered narrative. We remain uncertain, however, as to what exactly is unfolding in the situation before us. After a while, it is the hypnotic rhythm of the images, the reflected light and the darkness that holds us.”

From Falls like Rain by Francis Mckee. 2004


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Filming & Editing : Nira Pereg.