2015  |  SURFACE | The Church of the Holly Sepulcher, Jerusalem  |  Duration: 8 min 19 sec.loop > Edition of 7+2AP

SURFACE is a piece of the puzzle in the work " the right to clean" which tries to turn actions int Objects and vise versa. Surface juxtaposes the reverence and sensual devotion expressed by the faithful towards the Stone of Unction, with its context and materialism. The Stone of Unction is believed to be the place on which the body of Jesus was laid after being taken down from the cross to be prepared for burial. Pilgrims kiss, touch and caress the stone, believing its sanctity is transferable. This work is juxtaposed with the work  CLARE, in which a reverse action is performed- The work CLARE joins an orthodox nun for a full night shift of a routine cleaning of the church’s Orthodox controlled areas. With prosaic means, as a broom and a mop and some water, this female care taker can be seen as the gate keeper of the mechanism through which the patriarchal structure revolves.

As CLARE of Assisi was an avid follower of St Francis, the video FRANCIS, brings in an unexpected partner to the Church interior. The image of Saint Francis of Assisi is embodied by a street artist, a Romanian immigrant who cares for the many pigeons on the banks of the Thames in London. In return these Pigeons follow him devotionally, thus reassuring his daily bread.

BORDER is placed at the entrance of the exhibition as introduces the viewer to a founding principle  of the church- segregation. An orthodox nun (appearing later on in the work CLARE) points like a tour guide, to a groove between stones, a scratch on the wall, or a change in the color of the floor. These architectural marks, although almost invisible, are actually modest signifiers of the foundation for the status-quo maintained in the church since the 18th century, as they indicate the territorial devisions of the church to six different denominations.

The short repeated mute loop shows us the hidden bureaucracy behind the mechanism the church revolves around.

2015  |  CLARE | The Church of the Holly Sepulcher, Jerusalem  |  Duration: 16 min .loop > Edition of 7+2A

2015  |  BORDER| The Church of the Holly Sepulcher, Jerusalem  |  Duration: 41 sec.loop > Edition of 7+2AP

THE RIGHT TO CLEAN | VIDEOS  2015  |  Jerusalem, London | 

Four Channel Video installation with Sound |  Edition of 7+2AP

2006-15  |  FRANCIS |  London  |  Duration: 10 min 14 sec.loop > Edition of 7+2AP

Editing & Filming: Nira Pereg  |  Sound design : Nati Zeidenstadt  |  Post: Tal Korjak


>>>THE RIGHT TO CLEAN | Monograph


2015  |  Jerusalem / London |  Four Channel Video installation with Sound |  Edition of 7+2AP