The work “Sabbath 2008” documents the closing down of the ultra-orthodox neighborhoods in and around Jerusalem on the eve of the Sabbath. Public and private transportation to these neighborhoods is blocked by means of temporary barriers, which stay put for 24 hours – thus creating an artificial border between these areas and the rest of the city. The barriers are put in place by neighborhood residents, with the approval and support of the Jerusalem municipality and the police. Although the value of these somewhat rickety barriers may appear above all symbolic, their presence is a source of friction and conflict; and seem to delineate a clear-cut boundary between the sacred and the mundane.

Filming & Editing: Nira Pereg  |  Sound design : Nati Zeidenstadt  |  Post: Tal Korjak

Thanks to: Peter Wieble and Prof.Dr.Boris Groys from the  ZKM | Museum für Neue Kunst support in the production of the work; Nadav harel, Alon Feuerstein, Tal Korjak, and David Volach

“Sabbath 2008” installed at Tel-Aviv Museum of Art- as part of the Solo Project MOUNTIAN :consisting of SABBATH 2008, KEPT ALIVE and KEPT ALIVE PORTRAITS as part of The Nathan Gottesdiener Foundation Israeli Art Prize’s finalists   March-June 2010. Photo by Elad Sarig


2008  |  Jerusalem, Israel  |  One Channel Video with Sound  |  Duration: 7 min 12 sec. loop  |  Edition of 7+2AP