2003  | Tel Aviv Jaffa, Israel |  One Channel Video with Sound  |  Duration: 2 min 30 sec. loop  |  Edition of 7+2AP

Text by: Prof. Boris Groys for the exhibition ”Art and War” at www.digitalartlab.org.il :

G SPOTTING is a search for the pleasure zone of the look. In keeping with commands, which are read out aloud, the camera moves horizontally and vertically over an architectural landscape towards what seems like pleasure zones. Although the search is visual, the image remains unplanned, following the sound and carrying out each command. While using the urban landscape as a chart of the female body, the work touches on the themes of surveillance, modern weaponry and pornography...

...Please move all the way to the right / not so much / move down a bit / stay for a moment / be gentler /  that's enough / move a bit to the left / move  down / stop / stay with me / don't you  move / oh ho ya /  now move up / not so fast / stop / oh / move right, just a  little / right again / gentler please  / stop /  now, keep still / oh oh feels so good / oh / now move away / stop it / oh / come back again...

G SPOTTING installed at galerie Michel Rein, Paris, 2012

G SPOTTING at La Cité internationale des Arts, Paris Nuit Balnche 2009, Photo by Ben Gitai.