The work and melancholy was filmed in Israel during 2009. It depicts a fictitious act, preformed in autobiographical  locations and chronology, utilizing the motion of a jump in order to revisit six buildings in Tel-Aviv, which I lived in from my birth till today.

The jumps are always filmed in the same way in order to achieve a repetitious choreography of gazes - a movement from one’s private position into the public, and then to the personal. These repeating three thematic views: long-shot, medium-shot and close-up, function as an arrangement of movements which switch between one’s own personal and public existence.

Filming: Sergey Klimkiny / Editing : Nira Pereg  |  Sound design : Nati Zeidenstadt

AND MELANCHOLY  at ART TLV_09, the Tel Aviv Biennale 2009.


2009  |  Tel Aviv, Israel  |  One Channel Video with Sound  |  Duration: 3 min 2 sec. loop  |  Edition of 7+2AP